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The world is changing rapidly. While it can be scary to imagine what the future might hold, it’s important to accept change as it comes. With the pandemic and most of us being quarantined for weeks without a clear end in sight, it can be easy to slip into negative thoughts and feelings. While it might seem endless with plans being canceled, trips pushed back, or bills stacking up, our mind can get a bit clogged up. I’m an advocate for feeling what you’re going through, and sometimes we need those lay in bed days… But this is also a great time to realign to focus on things you’ve put off due to a go, go, go usual lifestyle. 

Mental health is something that is still taboo to talk about for some people. But the media is contributing to widespread fear and misinformation, a lot of people can get caught in the whirlwind of feeling lost and confused as of late. I am guilty of feeding into all the “what ifs” swirling around that can lead to overthinking and overprocessing my emotions. What we have to remember is that we are all human, and while we each experience life differently, it is still so essential that your state of mind is in just a good if not better condition than your physical body. 

Here are some tips I’ve found have helped me and others around me in this time that you can add to your daily routine to relieve yourself of any stress or debilitating feelings you might be having. 


You don’t have to sit criss-cross applesauce on the floor with your eyes closed, but find a space to be still in. Focus on your breathing and allow yourself to be present. Even just 5 minutes of silent decompression make the most significant difference in your attitude. 


Taking a walk or exercising is another great way to uplift yourself. Nature is medicine in itself sunlight, and fresh air are things we might have once taken for granted, but step outside. Keep social distancing in mind while you take in what is around you. A friend recently met another friend 35 min out of their area, parked their cars in a neighborhood, and one stood on one sidewalk while the other was on the other side of the street. This may sound silly, but roads are closer together in suburban neighborhoods, and you’re being safe. Doing this releases endorphins to your brain and can instantly lift your mood if you’ve been feeling shut-in. 


What is your form of expression? If it’s talking, how about starting a podcast or youtube channel? Not one to share with the public? Therapy HELPS EVERYONE. Yes, it can be expensive, but there are a few options for everyone, which I will gladly share below. If it’s writing and journaling, sometimes putting your thoughts into a paper (or word document) can help them just finally release from our minds.


This might sound crazy but reorganizing my closet during this time, taking out what doesn’t make me happy or bring me joy in the Marie Kondo way really does help. When I’m flustered mentally, organizing something in front of me somehow organizes my thoughts as well. Maybe your pantry can use some love or that closet with a whole bunch of “I Don’t Know What’s In Here Stuff.”

Dance! You don’t have to be a professional to bust a move. You can do it while cleaning, while listening to music, moving our body in exercise or dancing helps so much! Learn a tik tok dance even if you’d never post it. Follow a dancer/choreographer/trainer on IG and follow along to one of their lives. Focus on playing music that lifts you up. I’ve been that person who starts playing Adele and then wonders why I’m about to cry… hahaha. So, less break up sad songs and more upbeat, fun, crazy, music that will lift our spirits!

Now more than ever, we all have to be proactive with how we navigate our current situation. There is so much life to be lived with the people you love and those that love you. I am challenging myself and everyone to prioritize your mental health while in quarantine and to continue finding methods that will strengthen your mind when all of this is over. Start a hobby. It’s okay if it doesn’t last. What if it does? It goes beyond just acting positive, feel through what you need to feel through, and create habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine so we can all live healthier lives in every way possible!

What’s one thing you’ve tried or will try in this time?


  1. You talk so openly about therapy and you’re so pretty… would never thought you go to therapy and that kind of stuff. Thank you for sharing

  2. Beautiful and well said!!😊 thank you for all this post, it will help some people to really need it and the prizes of therapy are very affordable.
    Thanks again for being the light in the dark. I love you. 🌸🐥

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