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I’ve been asked countless times how I plan, organize, and get so creative with my Instagram and other social sites. Well, the day has FINALLY come. I am letting you guys in on all the apps I use on my phone for editing! Please be mindful that you can remix them and use them to your liking. That’s what is great! You can start playing with the applications and begin to get a feel on how you’d like to use it!

Let’s get started!
  • Planoly
    • There are many planning apps. I have used a few to try them out, and Planoly, for me, has worked the best and most efficiently. Others have seemed too complicated for me. I love how simple the design is. When planning out a look or vibe, a clean area to see what I’m planning is helpful for the eye! Whether it be a new color scheme, pattern layout, etc. There is a fee to use it a month, but if you use it correctly, you’ll see it’s worth it. Now, if you want to use it for multiple accounts that you handle, there’s also bundle packages. I also appreciate how quickly they reply if there is ever an issue. They are continuously growing their software to stay up to date.
  • Unfold
    • Now everyone has heard of this app most likely. It was the big thing when posting “cute stories” became on-trend. I still have this app, but in all honesty, I rarely use it now. Play with, but there are many apps now like it. Paying the monthly fee isn’t necessary unless you only want their layouts, in my opinion. If you’re the type to use your templates over and over again, then it may be worth the few bucks! I play around too much and remix things. It allows you to write with a few free fonts, colors, textures, so you can decide while other apps don’t. 
  • StoryLuxe
    • I like this app, but it doesn’t let you do too much. Many of the templates are locked unless you choose to do the monthly membership of $2.99. They do have a lot of models to choose from, though! You are also able to edit the watermark on the film layouts to say your brand, which I enjoy. Unlike Planoly, StoryLuxe doesn’t have fonts to play with, but you’re able to play with many backgrounds!
  • Over / Canva
    • These two apps are very similar, but I use Over. I am an OVER lover. I’ve tried Canva, and it’s too overwhelming for me, even though I’ve heard people say the same about Over. In Over, I’ve done invites, stories, flyers, logos; you name it. You’re able to be as detailed as you want. It allows you to export any kind of file (PNG, JPEG, etc). You can also create different size projects for social media, sites, flyers, etc. and can create folders and teams in case you have various projects going on. I love this app.
  • Nichi
    • Nichi is a cute story app. Not much to say about it. Like most other story apps, it does ask you to pay if you want to unlock a lot of features. I did like the style and edits they made, though, so I’ve used it a few times.
  • StoryArt
    • This app is cool if you get the hang of it. Some story templates have animation, which would take your story game to the next level. But like all the others, a crown on the layouts means, PURCHASE! When I downloaded it, it had a week free, so I used it and then unsubscribed. If you feel it can help take your branding to the next level and you work well with it, go for it! Use what works for YOU!

Inside the Instagram Story section, there are so many things to be creative with as well. GIFs have frames, glitter, lines, arrows, etc., to help animate and bring your message to life! There’s even now a section inside TIKTOK where it gives you different story hacks others use to spice it up. All it takes is a little patience, effort, and lots of creativity! 

If you want this blog turned into video form showing you some editing apps and how I use them, let me know!

Make sure to stay tuned for the next post on PART II, where I talk on Video Editing Apps!


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