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Winter is here, and while it’s super fun to drink hot coco, how to hydrate skin in the winter is something we all struggle with. I’ve posted many times on my Instagram story my favorite products so I gathered up all the ones I’m currently using to hydrate your skin in the winter.

From masks to moisturizers, in winter layering your hydrating products and lathering with hydrating lotions and soaps is so important!

I’m very careful about what I put on my face and body due to having more sensitive skin in the last few years. During the past few months, not only did I go through maskne but also my skin was dealing with so much anxiety of the unknown and the world that I broke out like crazy for a month or two. You’d truly think I was going through puberty.

I began trying everything and it only made it worse. Come to find out all my skin needed was extreme hydration! I stopped with so many acids and began learning how to pack on hydrating products.

Within 1-2 weeks, my skin was so much different! Within a month it was all gone!

I’m currently using the Vanity Planet face brush. It comes with a cute case, three different heads, and two-speed levels. It’s super easy to use, travel with, and clean. I also really believe in dry brushing not only for the health benefits like blood circulation and cellulite but being that I do at home tanning, I need to exfoliate to get the best results. In the winter your skin can get very dry. Dry brushing or using an exfoliating towel in the shower will help get rid of any dead skin so that your body wash and lotions can seep into your skin and soak up all its nutrients.


Dove is the one and only body wash that I’ve always loved. If I cleanse my body after shaving my legs, any other body wash irritates me. For women, using a good body wash is also important as it can change or mess with our PH balance. I’ve been using the new Pampering Dove Body Wash with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla and it’s amazing! Dove Bodt Wash’s new formula is made with moisture Renew Blend – a mix of skin-natural nutrientrs and a plant-based moisturizer that helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Each Dove Body Was is amde with 100% gentle naturally-derived cleansers, free of sulfates and parabens, and pH balanced. It keeps me hydrated and my skin feeling super soft.


When it comes to Toners, I love using both Pixi’s Glow Tonic as a long-time favorite, and Fenty Skin Fat Water is amazing as well. I am not a fan of alcoholic toners that leave you feeling dry. These give you a glow! I also love spraying through my routine and throughout my day the Elf Energizing Facial Oil Mist. I recently began using Kate Sommerville’s DermalQuench Liquid Lift and wow! It reminds me of an oxygen facial and it’s just instant hydration to your face.

In serums I found gold. Back when covid began, my skin began breaking out so much. I started trying everything which did not make it any better. After speaking to an esthetician, she mentioned I needed to stop everything and just focus for a while on adding more hydration to my skin. I did just that. 

I began using the Sand and Sky Tasmanian Spring Water serum and the Glow Recipe Plum Plum Hyaluronic Serum and within a week and a half I could see change! It was like all my skin wanted was hydration.

This is also key for Winter because the weather becomes cold and dry. So pump up your hydration using these serums! The Ordinary Caffeine Serum is great for a morning wake up booster as well as Dr. Torkian’s Brightening C Serum. I use the Bliss Peel Serum once a week just to make sure my skin is getting everything it needs.


Finally, I  have a few masks on constant rotations, especially during this season. First up, is Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Whether I’m traveling or just in need of much hydration, it does the trick, and it’s great for sensitive skin. If I want a little heat on my face Dr. Torkian’s Refining Pumpkin Mask is a great one to use every few days. The Green Tea mask is great to give yourself a green juice of antioxidants on your face, literally.

Fenty Skin moisturizer has such great ingredients. It’s lightweight, refreshing, and extremely hydrating. The Sand and Sky is my other go-to moisturizer which like the serum, it’s made with Tasmanian spring water which means moisture, moisture, moisture!



Though a lengthy blog post, I hope this season you’re able to keep your face and body hydrated, soft, and luscious with these products. They really are my favorites and work like wonders!

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This blog was sponsored by Dove. All opinions are my own.

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