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We’re back with part II of the apps I use for Editing and Social Media on my phone!

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the last post. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the blog and the info I am sharing with you guys.

Let’s get to it!

When it comes to video apps, they usually all do similar things. It’s about the functionality that you like and what ends up working best for you. I began learning how to edit with iMovie while in Middle/Highschool. Editing with it on the phone version, I find it to be very limiting and frustrating. 

If you’re looking for something that simply can cut and piece clips together, then iMovie is right for you. It also has some basic fonts and title transitions on the phone version.

I enjoy InShot in particular for cutting, piecing together, resizing stories for IG. Why? I’m not sure; I just find it to be what works for me. I enjoy how simple and effective it is. I’m usually in and out of it. I also really like that InShot I can layer pictures above videos. It can be stickers, gifs, or pics you can use to showcase something while speaking about it. 

What it doesn’t do is the ability to layer a video OVER another video. Now for that, I use Videoshop. Videoshop is my go-to video app when it comes to editing for IG feed. It has every feature I could need. From effects, transitions, color correcting, split, resizing, music, etc based on what social media app you need it for. Videoshop also has the imposing feature (with the pro version), which is something I like using. This is when one video plays and another video sized smaller could also be playing. I recently did this in a skincare story video to showcase a specific function of a product I was promoting.

Videoshop lets you also export in 4K, which for me, is so important as many apps lower the quality of the content you spent so much time creating and then editing for it to look blurry. 

If you’re an actor or model and submit self-tapes, you know how important it is to look natural on camera. You can’t overly edit an image or add cool effects. They look for good lighting, natural looks, which means good skin. Let’s face it; not every day is your skin will look its best due to hormones, stress, and many other factors. If you need a little pick me up on a video skin wise, Clear Video is the app for you. I don’t know all the functions because I mainly use it for my self-tapes. It allows you to color correct and helps the video you import give a natural but polished look. You can play with the smoothness of your face and coloring in case you look a little washed out or have shadows.

Disco Videos is a fun app, but there’s a monthly subscription fee if you want the watermarks removed and more filter options. You can make the video in different sizes, import a video you’ve already shot, add music from their library, or use the sound you want. Most filter effects can be played around with how heavy you want them displayed. It syncs the effects to the sound of the beat or sound playing, which takes your video to the next level. This apps is fun for sure. 

If you want this blog turned into video form showing you some editing apps I use for social media edits, let me know!

Make sure to stay tuned for the next post on PART III, where I talk on Photo Editing Apps!


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