Yanina Oyarzo


Yanina Oyarzo is a Venezuelan-American lifestyle influencer sharing her beauty tricks, fashion tips, music finds and adventures via her social media channels. Obsessed with sharing love, light and confidence, Yanina’s target audience is young female hustlers such as herself.

Since a young age, Yanina aspired to turn her love for beauty and music into a career in TV hosting. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles to help expand a music management firm she helped create in her hometown of Miami. The firm was home to several chart-topping songwriters, producers and artists. With her fast-thinking and feisty personality, Yanina quickly built strong relationships with upcoming talent, lifestyle brands and music executives while building a fan base of her own. Her social media following quickly landed her partnerships with top brands such as American Express, Nike, Neutrogena, Tidal and Zara.

Always staying true to her motto “Aspire to Inspire”, Yanina’s goal is to help young girls reach their full potential and feel confident in their own skin by embracing their beauty – both inside and out.

Today, she’s working on creating original content to inspire women of today for various networks. She’s also still working as a music consultant and freelance entertainment host for various lifestyle brands.


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