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As I sit on a plane on the way to Miami a couple of days ago, I can’t help but look through the list of post I have pending of topics I want to write about…

HAPPINESS was one of them and I felt good about writing about it.

Now we all experience moments of happiness. But the question is, do you feel or CAN YOU achieve happiness and be IN an organic happy state when just nothing is going on?

I feel like I’ve been able to meet that this year (Well, somewhat. You’re always a work in progress right?). Throughout growing up I’ve dealt with really bad depression behind closed doors. I’ve done things and thought of things, no one should be thinking about or doing. I’ve missed opportunities, felt “stuck” in situations, I’ve stunt my growth in parts of my life because of the depression that I was letting hold me back. Now, not everyone has dealt with depression or deals with it but that doesn’t mean either that “you’re happy.”

I feel like we’re in a world where we want it NOW. If it doesn’t happen in a couple of days or month we give up or say “it wasn’t meant to be” or begin second guessing if we we’re made for it, if we’re good enough, or if we’re just not going to have that blessing.

Maybe you’re a teen who didn’t make it on a team in school, had a rumor spread about you, lost a few friends in school due to an argument, or just don’t have many friends at all.

Maybe you’re the girl whose working her butt off to pay college but isn’t happy with your current situation because you don’t have as much as your friends, or feel like “why do I have to struggle when my friends have it so easy?”

Are you the woman who just had a baby and needs a break? But you wonder if that makes you a bad mom? Or the wife who works and cooks, clean, and barely has a day to herself to just SIT because she wants to make sure she’s “the super wife”?

Are you the single girl who the right person just isn’t appearing yet? The thoughts in your mind are saying “maybe I’ll just be one of those women are alone all their life.” Which causes you to begin bashing everything that you feel is wrong with you?

Or maybe you’re the woman stuck in a job to just pay your bills and wonders if “this is JUST life” or will you ever be able to truly work in your dream job?

Whichever you are or aren’t these situations may not sound like the best but they’re just what they are at the moment.

I’ve always felt as if once we align ourselves correctly mentally, physically, and emotionally everything around us does too.

There’s a couple of books I’ve read (I’ll post below) that have really helped me value oneself and learn to LOVE myself and not be so judgmental as well as align myself. Whatever you’re going through, it’s a part of your story and your growth. Don’t let negativity be what stops your growth but instead grow from it. Pass over the bump and give yourself some credit. You are AWESOME. You are UNIQUE. You are WORTHY.

Who cares about the life you come from or how you’re currently living? What’s a person to say you’re valued less if you put on some makeup and go out with your friends and get a babysitter for a night? Or if you live in efficiency because that’s all you can afford while you go to school? NO ONE. You aren’t a bad wife because you feel tired now and then and just DONT FEEL LIKE COOKING sometimes LOL!

Don’t let the girls in school bring you down or define who you are (true story: most of the time the “cool girls” in school… Don’t end up being as cool as you thought when they get older… Just saying)

Believe in yourself a little more and GO FOR IT so that you can say BYE one day to that annoying receptionist job!

It’s definitely not as easy as 1,2,3 and they’ll be more NO than YES but that will make the YES so much more worth it!

My point at the end of the day is: Don’t let these factors be the authors of who you become as a person in a negative way. Let them build your strength instead. Take control and give yourself a pat yourself on the back. Find things (activities like Yoga, Art, Dance, Writing, Music, Painting, Fashion, Makeup, etc.) that make you happy and do them! Wherever you are in life KEEP GOING. Finding happiness is the greatest thing on earth and will find you SO MUCH peace. But only you can do it. NO ONE else can. They can try to take it from you, but with happiness comes strength and once you have both you will build a shield around which will bounce the negativity right off. You’ll have days of weakness because you are human… But you’ll recognize them and bounce back.

I’ve changed my circle of friends and decided within some time that unlike in high school days, I don’t need 20 friends. I nicely removed negative people from my life. If they are family or people who are around me for other reasons I’ve just censored what I do and say around them. I try to teach them kindly what I learned and if they accept it, awesome! If they don’t, I hope one day they will. But for now let’s worry on finding our own little true happiness ♥️

Hope this helps on your journey. xo


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