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Do you ever take a second to really think how are you feeling? Many of us because we’re always on the go, just answer with “good” and in reality we could be having a great day or a horrible day or just be plain sad at the moment. Now many times we generally don’t share this because of the risk of being vulnerable to strangers/acquaintances and sometimes even our friends/family but I’ve learned being vulnerable is being yourself whole heartily whether others accept it with open arms or not is another thing. People are human. Humans aren’t perfect and yes they will hurt you. That doesn’t mean you should cut yourself short from showcasing who YOU are. That’s doing a disservice to yourself in my opinion.

Last year, I was approached with a feelings chart to be able to express myself in a better way rather than using a typical filler word like “good, great, okay, bad, annoyed, mad, etc.” I thought I’d share it with you guys as I created one! When someone asks you “how are you?” You can look at this chart and if your answer was going to be along the lines of HAPPY, identify what type of happiness; If it’s MAD, identify the type of anger and so forth.

This helps you identify what you’re truly feeling. If it’s something negative, I try to figure out why I feel that way and look for ways to get rid, solve, or let go of that feeling so that I don’t miss out on moments by lingering on to that negative feeling that isn’t serving me. Now, I’m all for feeling. So if you need to process it… FEEL IT. But don’t allow yourself to go into a rut for too long where then you stay there.

I am no expert but this is something that helps me and I thought I’d share it with you guys. So, now with that being said…


1 thought on “FEELINGS WORD LIST”

  1. I am feeling appreciated and passionate.
    Also astonished by your wisdom, grateful your essence is just as beautiful as you are. Enchanted by your charisma to be uplifted.
    I am a thankful fan. Have a wonderful day.

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