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Hi to the new readers and hello to the ones who’ve been here since the beginning.
You may be wondering why the title is what it is. Well first, WELCOME BACK! 

My blog is back, and I feel so many emotions. I’ve been so hesitant to re-launch this blog for so many reasons. After some talks and thinking it through, I realized the reason why I was most scared to re-launch. It was due to microscope we sometimes are in when we put ourselves out there via social media/internet. Typically, I am careful about what I share online when it comes to my personal life, but writing was a love of mine and how I would express myself. I always loved my English classes growing up. I wanted to be a journalist. If you know me, you know I love to ask questions and get to know people and their stories. 

When I first released my blog back in 2015, it was a place that I went to show a deeper side of myself. I would share my findings in fashion, beauty, health, but also my thoughts in what I would have learned about myself internally as life was unfolding, hoping it would help any readers if they ever dealt with a similar issue. I’ve always been someone who believes in going to therapy. One who is all about being vulnerable and opening up to those I care about and communicating. So how could I be on social media today in 2020 and allow my writer’s block and fear of the naysayers using my vulnerability against me when it could also help so many readers just like it was doing so before?

I was playing the card game We’re Not Really Strangers with one of my closest friends, and my card said to ask him, “Based on what you have learned about me, does my social media accurately reflect who I am? Why or why not?”. His answer? A chuckle and somewhat of the following: “No. You’re so much more than a pretty and perfect wallpaper feed, and not many know that“. Ouch. But he’s right. 

At that moment, I had enough with letting my fears take over. I love being creative, coming up with concepts and ideas, and taking pictures don’t get me wrong… It’s a form of expression, I’ve been in front of the camera work-wise since young… But this was what my blog was about. A place where I would write my thoughts, insecurities, things I had battled and overcame and honestly just a place where I could be honest since sometimes too long of a caption is often overlooked.

So here I am, back. I am hoping that everyone who was here before enjoys reading new posts and welcoming all the new readers. My blog is what brought me peace, freedom, and so many opportunities in hosting, online, and what really started it all.

Sometimes you have to take it back to the beginning.


  1. Emanuel Brugger

    Muchas gracias por reabrir tu blog, me hace feliz leerlo !
    Thanks so much for redoing your blog, I’m happy to read it !
    Suerte y éxitos te deseo Yanina 😍💛🤍🐣

  2. This is so dope. Yanina about to have some amazing content in here. I’m so happy for her and I can’t wait for all the upcoming new content.

  3. Great!! You are so many things. You are hardworker, go getter, you go above and beyond to get things done the right way. I’m so proud of you and excited to see more post .

  4. Love how well written but honest this read. Can’t wait for whats to come with this blog, thank yousss for doing it!

  5. Rosaura nieto de labrador

    Eres una chica exitosa tienes mucho talento y belleza …exitos en todo lo que hagas

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