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When it comes to working out, a cute outfit for me is typically the extra push to get me to go and sweat it out. Whether I wear it to do errands or with the thought in mind to eventually get to a Pilates class that day, wearing cute workout clothes is my favorite go-to outfit.

The problem with most work out clothes is a few things:
  • They’re pricey
  • They’re not stylish
  • They don’t usually last.

I was recently introduced to Fabletics, of course I had heard of them and seen them even more when Demi Lovato joined but I had never checked out their site or items. When approached to be a Fabletics Ambassador for them, I knew I needed to test the product and genuinely like it before mentioning it to you guys. I got my first two sets and wow, They’re so good! They have deals like 2 for $24 which if we genuinely think about it, that’s the bill for Starbucks for you and a friend or a fast food meal.

The first outfit was the all black “Jacklyn”. One of the things I really liked about this outfit was the thickness and fit of the leggings. They cinch you at the waist, and keep everything in tact. The material is thick enough where it is not see-through at all. It’s also rich in color so washing it won’t ruin it like others. The sports bra has a thick cross over strap in the back which makes it cute and stylish. Also, the thickness and “bra-like” strap makes you feel extremely secured to do any kind of workout.

The second outfit is called “Dani” 2-piece set. I was instantly in love with the color of this outfit. The material is HEAVEN! I went to a yoga class with this outfit already and it was extremely light and breathable which I loved. It felt like I was wearing pajamas because it was so comfy! You can pair it with an oversized or cropped jean jacket as seen in my pictures for a cool and comfy look to do errands.

Have you guys tried Fabletics?

If not, try it and let me know what you guys think! xx

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