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I recently got the opportunity to visit Loews Coronado Bay Resort in Coronado, CA for the weekend with two girlfriends and experience Flavor San Diego. Initially, I had heard Loews has extremely good customer service. Coronado Bay is right next to San Diego and I personally had never been so being able to get out of LA, sounded like a lot of fun.

We took the road trip on Tesloop. You may or may have not heard of it, but it’s a service that travels to San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, and Vegas. It’s so affordable and the amenities it comes with are pretty nice! It has wi-fi in the car, snacks, drinks, heated seats, neck pillows, and unlimited device plugs. Our car was RUBY and our drive was so smooth there. Upon the beginning of the ride, your driver explains everything to you and your concierge calls in on a Skype video to mention the rules, safety instructions, etc. One of things I liked was how spacious it was inside!

Upon arriving at Loews Coronado Bay, I was so excited. We went ahead and checked into our cute spacious rooms. After getting settled, it was off to the first stop of the trip. Small bites and drinks by the garden to learn more about You & Yours Gin and Vodka and their collab with Loews Coronado. The food was incredible! I had a crab cake that was delicious, a shrimp with beans and egg, a chocolate cake, and so much more.

The drinks they made us were also so delicious. Here I’m having the gin version.

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The following day was a non-stop food day. We began by going to Catalina Offshore Products, Inc. and we met the amazing Tommy Gomes. We learned about the different grading quality of fish, tried an A-class Uni, and had so much sashimi from Opa, to Tuna, to Salmon, and more.

I was in pescatarian heaven! The quality, the truffle salt, the special soy sauce, and listening and learning so much from Tommy Gomes was a great experience. Upon leaving there,  we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and then it was lunch time! Yep, you heard right… After all that eating, we had more!

We went to The Point of the resort where there was a beautiful set up with a taco truck. We had our choice of fish, chicken, and steak tacos. Of course, I chose fish. We also had blood orange margaritas  and mango agua fresca. I mixed both and made a delicious drink. Then, the sides came out and I died a little inside. There was ceviche, the most amazing corn I’ve ever tasted, veggies, plantain chips, guacamole and more. Once, we finished it was time for dessert. The chef made a flan with fruits and edible flowers which was so beautiful and delicious.

By this you can guess, I was full. But… It was happy hour time with Mike Hess Beer and Andrea’s Truffles over at the Upper Bay Terrace. I had so much fun doing this part as I was able to decorate my own set of truffles to then take home. Just when I thought the had stopped… It was dinner time in an hour and a half! I went to my room to change and then headed over to the restaurant with the rest of the girls. Upon walking in, we were greeted by one of the barista making 3 different types of whisky drinks. I of course, needed to try all of them hahaha! We began the dinner which consisted of a five coarse meal. How I was still able to eat, I have no clue but a girls gotta do it to report back to you guys! You can see the entire food process on my travel & food highlights on Instagram. After dinner, I headed to bed because as you may know by now… I was stuffed and tired from a long day!


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The following day, the girls and I had a big breakfast together and then went and had a cupcakes class with the amazing Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. winners of Cupcakes Wars! Fun fact: if you sign up to their newsletter, they release recipes on there. They gave us some recipes to take home and I can’t wait to try them with friends. We learned everything about decoration, techniques, and so many other fun stuff. Here are my cupcake creations below. I think I just may start a side job, hahaha.

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Upon finishing the class we all went to our rooms to check out, as it was time to back on the Tesloop! This time we were greeted with a black one named YETI. We had such a smooth ride back. I can’t wait to take another Tesloop on a trip and visit Loews Coronado Bay Resort. The trip was much-needed and extremely amazing.

If you guys haven’t visited please let me know when you do and make sure to check out the Escape from LA room package as it includes the Tesloop to and from LA, $50 resort credit, and many luxury accommodations.

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