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Summer is basically here and if you’re like me, you’ll want to be at the beach as much as possible. But if you can’t, at least rocking some cute braided summer hairstyles throughout your day can make us feel like we are! Check out hairstyles created by Hairstylist Lana Grand that were inspired by what’s on the runway and in style for this summer!


Summer can be pretty hot. Creating this cute and effortless fishtail look makes your hair not only look like you’re summer ready but it’ll keep you cool throughout any summer event!

  • Use a wand size 1 – 1 1/2 inches.
  • Set the curls so they last and it will give you more of a holding power
  • Part your hair in the way it naturally falls. Because we’re going for the natural look, you don’t want to part it “too structured”.
  • If you went for a tight curl for it to last longer, brush it out and then pass through a flat-iron to loosen it up.
  • Separate a piece in the top of your head and begin a fishtail braid. You don’t have to stay in between the lines of exactly what a “braid” is. It’s suppose to be fun, so this one is in between a twist and fishtail braid. Make sure to as you build, continue to keep the braid flat as it can naturally begin to look “bumpy”. The last thing you want is a jersey shore puff!
  • Next collect hair from the sides to add two small braids. I have short layers, so we went all the way behind my ear collect hair to be able to have full little side braids. If your hair is longer in the front, you won’t have to go that far back. We are doing just simple fishtail braids on the side to show the clean effect of the braid.
  • Make sure to open up the braids to make it looks soft and effortless as that’s what summer is all about!


For a simple look when you want to add something to your already waved hair. Whether you have natural waves, your hair is wavy/curly naturally or lived in or if you have straight hair, this is super easy and cute!

  • Grab two small pieces from the side front part of your hair.
  • Instead of doing your usual braids, do small fishtail braids here to add some texture.
  • Once bringing both braids to the back, make one fishtail from both ends to unite them.
  • Make sure to open up the braids once tied to make it looks soft and effortless.


For a more structured summer look but still soft go for this half up-half down look with a twist, literally!

  • Grab center of hair and pin it away for the moment.
  • Grab a big piece from each side, and pin as a half up tight pony.
  • Grab the top piece you had clipped and begin brushing softly back. Hair spray the small hair down and split that section into two pieces. Tease if you want to create a bit of volume but if your hair is a bit dirty, you’ll naturally have the volume needed for this part.
  • Now split each of those pieces into two others and criss-cross them to create a “braided” or “twist” look rather than a regular slick back half up, half down.
  • Pin it with bobby pins to avoid a hair tie covering the design just created!


Some hot summer days are hectic and you just want to do something quick and as far away from your face to keep the heat away. A big fishtail will just do that! Great for dirty hair days when product is naturally already in your hair.

  • Brush out your hair back.
  • Hair spray the hairs at the top and begin a loose fishtail braid back, starting from the temple down.
  • Stop 1/4 the way down and place a rubber band. Since it’s a thick Braid, stop enough to give the loose hair a thick look as well. The last thing u want is a lumpy stubble for the ending.
  • Once you tie it continue to go back up and loosen it to give the braid an effortless but romantic look.
  • Go back to the front and smooth out some little hairs, but don’t perfect it too much as summer allows us to be a bit messy.
  • Grab a small piece from the bottom of the braid and wrap it around the rubber band and stick a Bobby pin inside the middle bottom to hold the loose hair and cover the rubber band for a completed look!

You’re set for summer! If you try any of these style make sure to tag Lana Grand and Myself and #LetsTalk_Beauty! xo

Photography by: Becky Mickletz

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