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I recently got the chance to visit Malibu Wines and Malibu Wine Safari with a group of my girlfriends and had so much fun! We began the day by going to Malibu Wines which is the first stop when you make the drive up the hill. The Safari is a 3 minute drive up afterwards. We had a table reserved & we all brought goodies to eat with our wine! I got a super cute picnic box from Joans on Third which came in handy, but the girls brought SO MUCH FOOD as well! 🙂


We were at Malibu Wines for around two hours and then drove up to the Malibu Wine Safari location. When you get there, you have to sign in at the little house. Our tour guide Tommy was super funny the whole time which made everything great! We fed animals and then got to visit… Stanley the famous Giraffe! I have never been so close to a giraffe in my life! It was such a fun experience, to say the least. We then headed towards the final stop, The Chateau.

It is such a beautiful location to have a wedding, party, or gathering. The view is breathtaking! We were there for our final wine tastings with some light snacks. I’m so glad I booked the tour around sunset, it made a beautiful ending to our long day. Everything was so much fun! If you’re ever in Malibu or live in California, it’s definitely a place to visit! 

Make sure to click on the video above, to see everything that went into our Malibu Wine & Safari adventure!

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Thank you to MadaPhotography, StillVika, and all my friends for all their help

& for joining me on such a fun day! xo

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