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Pilates has been around for some time. From celebrities, to models, and athletes everyone loves all the benefits that you get from Pilates. I’ve been doing Pilates for some time and began taking it more seriously last year. I had been looking for a form of exercise that would make me lean and not bulky or bore me. I began taking classes with Jessica Zadok when she worked in a studio in Studio City, CA and got hooked! I loved all the benefits that came from Pilates so when she moved out-of-town for a bit, I was bummed and stopped as I felt no other trainer taught as good as her!

Fast forward to the past few months, Jessica came back to LA & began managing Club Pilates & its 3 locations (Hollywood, Downtown LA, & Echo Park). I began going to her classes again as well as trying other instructors and I’m loving it! This past week I’ve done the following classes:

Club Pilates - Hollywood

Benefits of Pilates

  • Strengthening your core – aka HELLO abs!
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Maximizes your balance and proper posture
  • Helps alignment in your spine
  • Creates leans muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Concentration and slow movements helps you let go of any stress while in class
  • Proper breathing exercises
  • Eases back pain


Check out Club Pilates at any of their 3 locations, it is only $5 for the first class, but wait! Use CODE: yaninafree at check out and your first class is FREE!

If you already taken a class or have a membership, use CODE: yaninafree at check out and you get a class for FREE also!

You can also sign up for their unlimited month (reg $199) and use CODE: yanina99 at check out and get a single unlimited month for only $99!
Code ends at the end of the month, so go now!
Questions and Concerns email: jess@clubpilatesLA.com

Club Pilates - Hollywood

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