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I personally don’t always have time to go out shopping & if there’s a line in the fitting room… I usually end up walking out. I like online shopping but hate the waiting process for stores to return your money back to you when it doesn’t work out. I came across a company called Try.com last year around Sept/Oct and I’ve become obsessed with it since.

How does it work?! Simple.

You go to www.Try.com install their button to your browser, (how you do with pinterest) make a profile, and start with 5 try’s to any of their partner sites! There’s so many! Barneys, Zara, Asos, American Eagle, Kate Spade, Nike, etc. Choose the item you want to “TRY” and confirm your delivery address and size at no charge AT ALL! The order gets delivered to your house and you’re able to try it on at the leisure of your home for 7 days! Still not being charged anything!

Upon trying it on, you can choose “keep” if you want to purchase the item with a simple click. That is the only time they will charge you. Click “return” if the item didn’t fit or wasn’t what you expected and head over to UPS or USPS and return the item in its box it came in. THAT IS IT! So simple and genius! After every $100 spent you are given another try. Warning, it becomes so easy that you can get addicted! They also have 24/7 chat customer service available which comes in handy for those moment where you’re stuck on a question. Try.com is currently only available in the Continental U.S but I’m sure they’ll be expanding very soon!

Sign up today! https://www.try.com/r/yaninaborrero

If you’ve signed up, click here to see all the fun

SPRING MUST-HAVES BAGS I recently got from Try.com!

You can order them via Try.com for free!


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