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Have you ever heard of Matcha Green Tea? No, It’s not those teatox everyone has tried. You know, the 14 or 28 day challenges which are to de-bloat you and make you lose weight? I’ve tried them, I’m not going to lie. Yes, they do make you feel less bloated but upon doing research I realized they’re really not that good for you. They have laxatives in them which can, if drinking too much or for long periods of time damage your insides.

When I came across this Matcha Green Tea from EatCleanTea, I was really interested to understand the benefits of it as it’s not a teatox. Now in general I knew it would give me energy since being a tea lover, I always heard Matcha was good for that. But did you also know it speeds up your metabolism NATURALLY? This naturally is the #1 superfood being packed with 137 times the antioxidants that normal green tea leaves have. It does such amazing things for all of you from strengthening your tooth enamel to lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol.

I’ve also been taking it lately before beginning my workouts and come to find out through the site and my trainer, Matcha Green Tea is a natural pre-workout!

Matcha Green Tea

If you can want to know more information about Matcha Green Tea, check out EatCleanTea

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