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Continued, Part two…
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The next day we woke up early and head out to our next destination: Water Rappelling! I had NEVER done this and I don’t know if I’d do it again… Just kidding… Maybe. It was an experience for sure! This excursion lasted around 3 hours. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the most adventurous girls. I’m always down to try new things even if I’m scared but after going to Level 1, 2, and 3 I thought I was a pro! Until we found out there was a Level 4 we were going into and it had an 8 ft drop. The instructor told us of everything to do upon dropping so that we could latch on to one of the ropes nearby, otherwise we would get pulled by the tide. I thought to myself “Okay, I’m scared but I GOT THIS!” Well, with my luck… things didn’t go as planned. Long story short, when we flipped, I fell just like everyone else but landed UNDER the raft which was entirely UNDER the waterfall drop. Meaning, when I was trying to do the steps the instructor mentioned, NONE were working as the pressure of the waterfall was pushing the raft and I down. After what felt like forever, I got yanked out of the water and taken to safety. Everyone seemed a little worried as everyone huddled around me to ask if I was okay. Thankfully, I was. I was only a bit freaked out… LOL! After that, the trip was calm and great pics came out from it. Unfortunately, the instructor had the go pro and didn’t get the shot of the fall but the photographer did.

We then headed towards our final destination: JW Marriott in Guanacaste, Costa Rica which meant BEACH TIME! We spent 4 days in the hotel and relaxed, tanned, swam and ATE! The buffet every morning was AMAZING. We went snorkeling one of the days which wasn’t the best snorkeling we’ve done so we probably won’t do it again in Costa Rica but the views on the boat were just beautiful either way.

Enough rambling, If you’re even still reading thank you! I tried writing this as short as possible but really wanted you guys to get the experience for when you want to make it your next destination 🙂 Overall, Costa Rica was THE BEST trip we’ve done yet. Yes, some scary parts but that’s what adventure is all about! I saw the most beautiful places here, our budget went really long for all that we did, and we had so much fun!

Where should we go next?! #LetsTalkAboutIT!

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