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For the past couple of years, Lex and I have created our little tradition of taking 2 weeks in December off and going out of the Country. We’ve gotten the chance to go to Mexico, Dominican Republic, and now this past December it was… Costa Rica!

I’ve decided to break the video down into 2 parts because we did SO MUCH on this trip! We were there for around 9-10 days. We began in the capital, San José and then went on to Poás Volcano National Park which was an AMAZING experience. The entire national park is very well maintained and has a great hiking path. We then went to La Paz Waterfall Gardens which has its own little “zoo” or something like it. It had ALL types of animals, insects, etc. It had a butterfly garden which I loved because walking into it, butterflies kept landing on me and just hanging out!

We then moved over to this opened Hummingbird area which was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. The birds would come and eat in their little houses inches away from us!!! There were SO MANY and they would fly so fast!! It was unforgettable. We continued on to the waterfall parts which entailed us going through a walk through the forest to come out to the biggest waterfall in that area! You then begin walking down some steps to continue to the remaining four. It was GORGEOUS

We continued our trip towards Arenal Volcano. We stayed in a boutique hotel in the area for 3 days. Our hotel had regular pools and hot springs pool which I had never experienced before. Lex had as being from Colombia he use to go to them all the time but I hadn’t… I though it was pretty cool! I also learned it’s really good for your skin and has a lot of health benefits 🙂

The first day in the hotel, we stayed in and relaxed, the second day we went on an adventure hike and did zip lining! (one of our MUST DO’s of every trip) We got some pretty cool pictures from it and we had NEVER experienced it in the rain which was completely different. This zip line also went from on top of the rainforest to going IN BETWEEN trees! You seriously feel like the trees are going to brush upon you, but they don’t. It’s a scary, yet amazing experience. The zip lining we did was a total of 7 lines to get down. It had the fastest in the world (up to 80 mph), The longest in the world, and the highest (it was entirely above the ENTIRE rainforest).

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