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Traveling is something I’ve always loved but let’s be honest, unless you’re flying first class no flight is ever truly “comfortable”. I came across this company on Instagram and became so intrigued by what they were creating.

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Hypnos Hoodie is the travel hoodie you’ve always wanted. With the hooded part inflating into a pillow, traveling just got easier and comfy. Speaking with Josh Woodie (founder of Hypnos) I was able to get an inside on the journey to creating the perfect hoodie. I was able to shoot some pictures with him of the hoodie and I’ve got to say the cut, the material, and stitching of it is such high quality and comfortable. The moment you put it on, you feel like you’re in a cloud. With discreet pillow inserts and it’s “on” button, it makes it where you can wear it for travel or just a regular day as a normal piece of clothing.

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Hypnos has reached their kickstart goal and will begin normal sales in March! If you were able to pledge when the kickstarter was open, you’ll be one of the first ones to receive it. Otherwise, mark your calendars so when the shop opens for everyone, you can purchase one of these great hoodies!

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