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It’s almost and Christmas and you still holiday shopping, what to do?! Here’s a list of cute easy gifts for the BFF’s in your life that won’t break the bank but she’ll love! Whether she’s into makeup, skin care, hair, technology, or just plain cute things, there is something here for everyone. TIP: if you need to give a couple of BFF’s a gift, I suggest buying something like the Buxon Lip Set along with a couple of other cute items and make them into gift baskets! How easy is that? My favorite mug from Stuff I Love is sold out, but if you’re needing this for either your BFF or yourself 😉 don’t worry they’ll be back up Jan 4th for a new year gift 🙂 and I have a 15% discount code, available until January 11th! Code: LOVEYANINA.

Another great thing to do in the holidays is something selfless.MCHF + Cruciani 2gether Bracelets , were designed and donated by the world–renowned design house, Cruciani, to Miami Children’s Health Foundation. These bracelets not only serve as a symbol of hope for children worldwide, but they also help raise funds to  support the children and families Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, formerly known as Miami Children’s Hospital. Here’s more information.  https://www.mchf.org/cruciani

Purchase one for yourself and a couple for your friends and you now have cute friendship bracelets as well as help a little one who will appreciate all your help in the holidays <3

click below to buy:

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