Yanina Oyarzo


LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Sometimes we just have to stop thinking about it so much and move on it instead. What are you going to lose? You’ll be loosing more by never trying and knowing what could have happened. Whose to say your motivation won’t show you other aspirations you never thought you had? Maybe you want to be a singer and it doesn’t work out but you realize you are a great songwriter/manager which leads you to finding a better artist to sing your songs or manage an artists career?


What if you want to design your own clothing and with the motivation of going into the business, you realize you’d actually really love owning a store/boutique and selling exclusive trendy brands out of it? Or maybe you realize you have a talent to become a stylist!


If you’re working at a restaurant, doctors office, law firm, clothing store, and you’re not happy or motivated to do anything in your life, find what MOTIVATES you! <3

If your life recently shifted and you’re not longer in the job you’ve worked for the past years… guess what? Better things are ahead! Does it suck at this moment? YES. Will it get better? YES! Will it take work, perseverance, timing, MOTIVATION, and positivity? YES, YES, YES, and YES!


Just because things aren’t like you wish they were, don’t let that be the the reason you loose MOTIVATION. There are endless possibilities out there. You just have to be MOTIVATED enough to search for them and have perseverance. Build up your patience and strength and trust that what is yours will come with hard work. A very smart woman once told me IT’S A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT.


I am a true believer that whatever you SPEAK and THINK about into the world is what comes back to you. If the little person in your head isn’t being as motivated as you or is reminding you of your insecurities when things aren’t happening so quickly, tell them to HUSH! You’re in control of your life! Stay motivated and I promise things will happen as long as you work hard for it and continue motivated towards the goal. No one can get you there but yourself!


Don’t forget that every great success story had a crazy journey to get there.

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