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I recently wrote a post about HAPPINESS and upon reading it, I realized that some of the things I had mentioned also went hand in hand with MOTIVATION because many times we lose our happiness and motivation due to the way things happen in our life. This post as you can see below is long. I got inspired to write about this so I decided I’ll release this part this week and the rest next week hehe DontStopUntilYoureProudPic

MOTIVATION: the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

HAPPINESS is mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy that appear when you have the opportunity to do what you truly love. We all are motivated towards SOMETHING. The question is, if we are currently putting it to use?

We tend to lack MOTIVATION because things aren’t going the way we think they “should be” or want them to be. We lack MOTIVATION out of frustration. But just like in the HAPPINESS post, I feel like we HAVE TO CHANGE THAT so we can start seeing results!

MarcJacobsQuoteThis past weekend I did a boot camp for media training with Marki Costello and it was an eye-opening experience which was amazing because I realized that I have to put myself out there for people to see me! Otherwise, how will I ever be noticed?

I also recently had a talk with someone close to me, who is frustrated with where they are in life. The truth is, No one is going to come knocking at our door and say “Hey Yanina, will you like to come work at E! just because I heard it’s a dream of yours?” NO. You’ve got to work for it and use your MOTIVATION and passion to align everything to be built around you.

SuccessfulPeopleQuoteWhether it’s putting yourself in front of those people and companies that you want to work for or create partnerships with. You have to creatework hard, and build.

No one wants to hire the same 5 people with the same 5 characteristics, experience, or talent. If you’re the ONE person who comes into the building and brings something different, you’ll be the one that stands out. Why? Because they don’t have YOU. Come on people, we KNOW this! Sometimes because of the insecurities and uncertainty we don’t show what we have to offer out of being scared that it won’t be “good enough” or maybe they’ll think you’re “odd.”


What if you opened the doors to all the motivation you have inside for once and told “FEAR” to LEAVE YOU THE F— ALONE and go for it?!? And you sincerely give it your all for a good amount of time? What if you achieve whatever you’ve always dreamed of? WHAT IF? What if, because of the lack of motivation due to fear, you never do it and instead think “what if” forever? (fashion, designing, singing, dancing, acting, writing, becoming a doctor, lawyer, getting a new job, a better job, giving love a chance, etc.)  

Don’t be THAT person.


to be continued next week…

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