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First off, let’s mention the elephant in the room. I got a new site! 🙂 I know I’ve been on a hiatus lately but since I decided to change the layout and backend of things, I didn’t want to post until it was fixed. Now with that make sure to subscribe to it, so you can know when new posts are done!

Alright, now to today’s topic: STRENGTH. 

I’ve been going through some things in life as we all do and I’ve been learning how to grow my inner and outer strength. With that, I’ve had talks with people in the process and I’ve realized many people have issues with having real inner strength. Now we are all human, which means we aren’t perfect. But facing our problems that we think about at night, that haunt our minds, or that maybe we don’t think about much but are stopping us from achieving our dreams takes more strength than faking the confidence when you walk into a room, dating many people because you’re scared of getting hurt by opening yourself up to really just that ONE, or even acting like you’re okay when YOU know you’re not.

Many times we take the easy way out due to excuses. “I don’t have time right now”, “I just can’t”, “It’s too hard”, “I’m fine, I rather not deal with it”. But in reality, we’re just holding off. We’re pushing something that should be dealt with away out of our “fear” and “being scared” of not knowing if we truly can handle it. Maybe it’s confidence or happiness. Maybe it’s finally giving someone a chance. Maybe it’s something from your past you have held on to and unconsciously it is harming you from growing and becoming a better, stronger, happier you.

Whatever it is. I challenge you to face it. Now, I get it… You’re probably saying “this girl is CRAZY I’m not about to go open Pandora’s box, I don’t even know what might come out!” But I think we all know what would come out. The question is, are we finally going to take out the little skeletons that we haven’t dealt with to help us grow stronger and stop holding us back?! YES!

Life is Tough

I challenge everyone and anyone who reads this to take this journey with me. I have opened my box and one by one things are coming out. MEEP! They’re scary, uncomfortable, and sometimes make me want to close it and say “screw this”. But I won’t. I want to be the strongest ME I can be and I want you to be that too. There isn’t anything more beautiful, empowering, and gratifying in a person (man or woman) who is 100% genuinely GOOD with themselves. I will little by little share some of the things whether it’s through here or my youtube that I deal with and I would love to hear about your journeys!

However you choose to go about this, you may. But I guarantee you that once you begin and see the strength that comes out of you for facing it. You will feel SO MUCH STRONGER. YOU ARE STRONG.

If you’re wanting to read a book, you can start with this one which I recommend. I get it on audible so I can listen to it in the car when I’m alone and it’s great. Remember this is about YOU. We can do it <3

Nothing is greater than achieving to be the best you can be. Never underestimate how great you can be or how strong you are.

The Untethered Soul

Hope this helps you in your journey! You’re worth it xo

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