Yanina Oyarzo


I recently came across this picture recently and thought to myself how true it is. We are currently in a world where we want “perfection” or what the world tells us is “perfection” at that. Whether its to achieve a celebrity look, a body weight, act the way we see is “cool” or do things that people we may look up to for the wrong reasons do in hopes to feel accepted. Now I know some of you have begun reading this and are probably saying “pshhhh, I don’t give a ______ about anyone. I do me.” Well, that sounds fun but in reality we don’t. Many times, without even noticing there is something we are doing because of society or because we lack confidence in ourselves.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being a better you. I’m ALL for that. But doing it to just hope to get fill a void for something you feel inside isn’t. Let me explain… Working out is amazing! Not only will it be great for you health, but you’ll be feel better. Not eating because a magazine says it’s a new diet and ______ tried it and it’s their secret isn’t cool. I’m so tired of people in the media being praised for their faults or there cheating ways rather than showing us healthy alternatives or self acceptance. I’m not saying be the pope or be a nun. But if you know you have a big influence, why not be a good influence in a world that is so nasty…

I’ll give you guys an example of myself. I have dealt with weight issues my whole life. I’m a constant seesaw. One week I’m great, next week I’m wondering how the heck did I gain so much weight, the following I’ve dropped it all, then I get stuck on one number for two weeks. Being in dance since little, my weight has always been a touchy subject that was ALWAYS talked about. Some of you may read this and think that’s insane or that I look normal but hey, it’s what I was constantly critique in because of dance stereotypes, being a female, and the standards that life tells us is what is “good enough.” With all that being in the forefront here and there, that wasn’t the greatest for my self-esteem and it became where I am very tough on myself at times because of it.

Mid this year, I decided I needed to stop that. I’m constantly helping my friends in their issues and becoming stronger but what about myself? I decided I needed to figure out what was making my body fluctuate so much (besides stress, depression, hormones, etc) so I began seeing what workouts worked for my body and my lifestyle as well as what foods my body didn’t react well to. I also learned to love my body and the skin I’m in.

Listen, do I wish I had Jlo’s or Beyonce’s body? Who doesn’t?! Do I want to live a healthier life and have I began to change my ways? YES. But my goal isn’t to be JLO or Beyonce but to be the best Yanina. I may never be as fit as JLO and Beyonce because I’m not longer doing insane dance hours, or have their type of lifestyle but I can see what works for me and learn to love that. With that, and believing and breathing it – that will show to the universe.

Let’s stop trying to be other people whether is by our body, way of acting, and even way of dressing and begin being the best version we can be of ourselves. There won’t be another Beyonce like there won’t be another Yanina Borrero or another Laura or Ashley. So let’s love ourself and work on ourselves FOR OURSELVES. Once you do that, the outside appearance will agree and shine on. We must believe and trust that we are GREAT to look and feel GREAT.

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