Yanina Oyarzo


Winter is one of my favorite seasons because we can dress up and go crazy on accessories, but it takes a toll on our skin. From masks to serums and lotions, moisturizing is KEY. My go to kit in my purse is pretty simple for on the go in winter time. I got this super cute Amour bag from H&M a few months ago and inside I have my Chloe – Roses perfume as it’s one of my favorite scents. I also have Neutrogena’s new Norwegian Formula hand creams.

I’ve been using the daily moisturizing cream as it’s fast drying and light but so moisturizing! The concentrated hand cream I usually lend to my guy friends or I use if I feel really dry. I was recently in NY where it was 9 degrees! In that temperature using the concentrate hand cream was my saver as my skin went crazy with the weather! A little goes a long way with these lotions! You instantly feel the smoothness in your skin which is what we all are searching for in cold dry winter days! I make it a habit to have lotion in my bag at all times because it’s never too early to make sure your age doesn’t show in your hands in later years. 😉


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