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Welcome to my site! This is where you can find anything and everything that I want to share with you guys. This section of my site will feature anything from my daily diary, to a travel vlog, fashion posts, beauty posts, answers to questions you may have, advice, events, news, and so forth!

As many of you may or may not know, I initially moved to LA to pursue TV Hosting. While working on that in 2012, I created a blog Welcome2Fame with a friend. We had great views and feedback while doing it but I was also working at a music management company. When that company took off I decided to take the back seat on TV Hosting and focus on helping the management company grow in any way I could. Now that it’s been two years, the company is thriving more than ever before! With its success I am able to completely focus on my dream which I’m super excited about. I created this site and not a blog so that I could share WHATEVER and ANYTHING I wanted with everyone. I wanted to have a platform where If you’re looking to hire me, you can see my personality and work or if you’re just coming by to check out the site and see my latest posts and what I’m up to, you can do that too! I hope my posts can help some of you in any way possible and that you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them! I look forward to sharing my journey of LIFE with you!

Let me know below what you would like for me to post about. I’m open to it all!

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