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Finding a good pair of jeans is the hardest thing for a female. I’m constantly on the hunt because of my body proportion my waist is smaller than my hips and thighs which usually makes jeans fit me in the legs but are too big on my waist or they never pass my thighs LOL. But when you find that one pair, no one can make you stop wearing them!

I’ve been buying jeans from express for sometime now. Funny enough, EXPRESS was the first clothing credit card I got at 18 to build my credit. I always feel like I can walk in and get something cute for work and/or play.

Jeans that fit perfect

Well, the jeans they have fit me perfectly. I have so many of them because they hug my body which makes it a perfect fit. I recently bought these and they have a buy one get another for just $29 deal so I couldn’t pass it! I believe the deal is still going on, so check it out!

Jeans that fit perfect

I paired these jeans with a white Express portofino shirt. I tied it in a loose knot to give it more of a beach feel to it. Finally, I wore (not pictured) nude/tan chunky heels I got around two years ago in Express. I just noticed, but I didn’t even plan this outfit to be all EXPRESS!

Top: Portofino / Jeans: Skinny / Legging / Hat: Urban Outfitters / 

Heels: Old Express (Similar) (Similar) (Similar)

Photography By: VIKA

2 thoughts on “THE BEST FITTING JEANS”

  1. YES!!! I was just telling friends recently that Express jeans are the ONLY jeans to ever fit me perfectly. I’m short and their shorts are the perfect length. They stretch where needed and don’t stay stretched. I can go on and on. Best time to buy them is when they’re buy 1 get 1 50% off or when they send coupons.

    1. Yep! They always have deals which I love & you’re so right about the stretch I hate when pants stretch but after you wear them! These don’t 🙂

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