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When it comes to doing my makeup, I love doing it. But sometimes it just doesn’t capture the same on camera as it is in person. Being in dance and on camera since I was young, I always wore false lashes. Whether it was strips or extensions, it was always a go-to for me. When Avon approached me about trying out their Avon Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Serum and Love at 1st Lash Mascara… I was a little skeptical at first. Would it really work? I’ve seen so many products like these but none were up to the hype. Either way, I figured I’d give it a shot since after all… They have been one of the biggest companies who have empowered women to feel their best for over 130 years.

After the first few weeks of placing the serum on my upper lashes every night, I began to see such big results. Some of the benefits that I really enjoyed from the lash serum are that it contains a blend of lash-enhancing peptide technology Capixyl. Capixyl is a unique active complex that promotes thicker, fuller, healthier-looking lashes. This was a big YES for me after putting my lashes through the ringer with extensions for almost a year. My lashes have been tiny for some time due to how weak they were, so seeing them appear longer made me so happy! They looked not only longer and fuller but also healthy for once!

Now when I have been going out whether it be for meetings during the day or girls night out, I’ve also been using the Avon True Love Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara. If you know me, you know I love my glam. But the thickness of the brush and color in the mascara gives me that automatic sultry look without needing falsies now that my lashes already look so long. The mascara is packed with Vitamin A, C, E, which conditions the lashes, as well as Olive Oil and Lycopene, which helps strengthen them! I find it so interesting that not only is the serum filling my lashes with nutrients, but the mascara is as well! Another really cool factor of the mascara is the heart shaped fibers within the formula. They create weightless volume that lasts all day long.

I’m usually not a person that tries new mascaras.  I wear contacts and they typically irritate my eyes, but this mascara is actually suitable for contact lens wearers, so I haven’t had an issue! I can’t wait to continue using the serum and mascara and see where my lashes continue to go! The serum and mascara are both available to purchase now and are available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative visit avon.com


This post was sponsored by Avon but all opinions are my own based on trial.

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