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You know that moment when you’re about to do something and whether it’s big or small to someone else, it’s important to YOU so you begin feeling ALL these emotions and within 3.5 seconds YOU’RE FREAKING OUT?! Your heart starts beating faster, your breaths become shorter, you begin thinking about 100 things are once and you just want to scream “AHHH!”…?

Yeah, don’t worry you’re not the only one. I get those all the time LOL! Nerves, such small little suckers but can affect us so quickly. Whether you’re going to an audition, an interview, have an important meeting coming up, holding off dealing with an issue at work, home, etc. Nerves can get the best of us sometimes. They even can make us begin second guessing ourselves and what our motive and plan of attack was.

Recently, I went to a hosting gig audition and you may or may not know but I have step my feet back into the hosting world and I’ve been going full force at it so I can be the best in my craft. So when opportunity arises, I’m ready! ANYWAYS, (Yanina stop rambling) I was going to this audition and I was as prepped as can be. I created my segments, wrote them out, practiced them alone, then practiced them with Lex to make sure I wasn’t nervous (he makes me nervous when I do hosting stuff, I don’t know why LOL!) and I was good to go! It had been a couple of days of working at it and I thought to myself, “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!”


Well… That was until I was a block away needing to find parking… Then, I FREAKED! I was really about to go audition for a new show that I knew I could easily do and bring a lot to the table but the little voices in my head (we all have them right? I’m not crazy I promise) began questioning me, “I’m I really ready to do this?”, “Did I practice enough?”, “What if I forget everything?” and looking back… That was silly. OF COURSE I was ready! Why was I letting my insecurities and nerves get the best of me?! I worked my butt off for it. I knew I wasn’t going to forget it and if I did… IMPROV and smile! LOL But instead for those 5 minutes before the audition, I let the “little jury” as a recent person called it, get the best of me.

My point is, Life’s tough. There’s going to be times that we’ll be nervous, uncomfortable, worried, and not sure if our next move is the right one. But if you have the right intentions, go about it the right way, practice, look at your possible ending results, handle it all correctly, be positive and confident, then you have NO NEED to let those nerves take over you. I always say, “What is yours, is yours. No one else can take it AS LONG as you’re doing EVERYTHING in YOUR power to be the BEST you can be.” Everything else, you gotta leave it up to the universe to plan itself out.


Whether this situation works out or not, that’s okay. You have to know you did the best in the scenario and be at peace with that. Nerve’s might still be there in my auditions but as long as I work on myself daily to end the insecurities that are causing nerves, everything will be “A” OHKAY! So remember, whether you’re going to an audition, an interview, about to have an important meeting, holding off dealing with an issue at work, home, etc. as long as you’re true and by being YOU… Things will work themselves out. Speak your mind, work hard, be honest, be true, be YOU. Don’t let the inside little bugs ever make you wonder if being you is ENOUGH. It is.


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