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Oh my goodness, is ThisGalCooks my new favorite cooking site! I recently have dealt with the problem that I am married to an EXTREMELY picky eater who only likes chicken but lately is tired of chicken. EHCK! What to do?!

I came across her site a few weeks back when I was looking up easy and yummy recipes and I fell in love. ThisGalCooks is a home cook who is from South Florida, what are the odds?! She began blogging in 2012 due to her love for food and she’s amazing!

I however, not so much. If you tell me just add your “touch” to it…I unfortunately always end up adding the weirdest seasoning or ingredient that messes up the ENTIRE dish! hahaha. whoops. My friend Ivan can confirm that! Once I’ve got a dish down though, I’m better at experimenting but not too crazy.

ANYWAYS, last night I had the usual talk with Lex about what we’re eating for dinner. He’s been gone in Toronto for the last three weeks so I definitely knew I wanted to cook. I went down the list of things he usually likes and of course all were answered with “ehh, no.” After 15 minutes of trying to figure it out, I told him to just trust me and I would make something different with chicken. He mentioned joking around “If its good, I’ll eat it :)” and I made sure to let him know, “oh you’re eating it if I make it!” in my hopes to expand his pickiness and try new dishes this year.

Fast forward to the cooking part, this was such a simple dish! I used more than one pan because I used a separate pan for the “broiling till charred” of the tomatoes. The way she explains every step, it’s honestly hard for you to not get it right. She lists everything neatly and once my husband came home and tried it he LOVED it! It was so savory and flavorful!!  Let’s not tell him…but he ate shallots and didn’t even realize it! Something he would of never tried if we were out in a restaurant.

Make sure to check out the dish here –> One Pan Chicken Pasta with Chardonnay Wine Sauce

& thank you This Gal Cooks for making my life a lot easier while I try this whole “Become a Natural at cooking thing” 😉

A pic of my dish right before serving <3 Not bad for a non-expert right? 😉

Pan Chicken Pasta with Chardonnay Sauce


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